Welcome to the web site of "Siam Sticker Trading Co., Ltd.", the first manufacturer of self-adhesive paper in Thailand, with the best quality and selection.  Applications include packaging, shipping labels, point of purchase, name badges, signage and more.
    More than 100 colors.   Customized sizes.

High quality self-adhesive paper in various colors, for printing and labeling systems.


Fluorescent label, or super-bright color label, can catch the eyes faster and more often than regular labels.


High quality trendy PVC color label in various colors.  Suitable for printing and labeling systems. Widely used in various applications.


Luxurious pure aluminium foil-coated paper label, and foil-likes film label. They are widely used for gift boxes, advertising, cosmetics and etc.

Decorating different materials such as glass, stone and wood with abundance of creative possibilities.


Self-adhesive metalized polyester film designed to give fascinating 3D holographics effect.  Mostly used in signage, crafts, automotive, decorations, and more.


Our ranges of security stickers are used in diverse industires for security and branding purposes. Any tampering attemp may be obviouse.


Laminated foil paper is formed through the adhesion of aluminum foil to base paper.  The key products are foil paper tissue and foil paper tissue.


A paper specially coated with a thin layer of plastic by extrusion coating process.  Ideally used in many consumer and food packaging as water barrier.